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When accessing a site's homepage, options for modifying the site's binding host entries will appear at the bottom of the tasks list (provided the site has at least one hostname), outlined by Figure 1

Figure 1
Figure 1
  1. Current Address - Displays the current address that all the site's bindings are set to in the hosts file. If multiple addresses are set, the current address displays "<address> (+X more)" to describe the number of unique addresses being used. If no host entries are enables for this site's bindings, the current address displays "(Not Set)"
  2. Detected Address List - Each disabled entry will appear in this list, enabling the hostnames for the site's bindings to automatically be "switched" to the new address.
  3. Custom Switch - Displays a dialog in which the address to switch to can be entered
  4. Disable all binding enties - Disables host entries for the site's bindings
  5. Edit Hosts - Navigates to the Manage Local Hosts Page

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