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Project Description
Provides local hosts file management from within IIS 7, including bulk editing.

Hosts File Manager allows local host entries (in %windir%\system32\drivers\etc) to be edited from within IIS Manager. In addition to providing a GUI, IIS Manager can also provide integration into individual websites on the local machine. IIS Manager is also auto-elevated in Windows 7, making the process even smoother.



  • Does not modify the formatting of existing entries (even when modified)
  • Supports enabling/disabling entries (commenting them out)
  • Integration into IIS 7(.5)
  • Inherit's IIS 7 auto-elevation in Windows 7

Release Notes

Release 1
  • Initial release with installer
  • Supports create/edit/delete and enable/disable
  • Address field is automatically populated with local IP addresses
  • Local connections only

Warning: The installer for Release 1 does not check for IIS7 but will not fail if it is not found

Warning: Do not install Release 1 x86 on Windows Vista/7 x64. The installation will fail, but appear to be successful. Uninstall and download the correct version


  • Host entry groupings (including by site)
  • Host entry re-ordering
  • Clean up options (remove disabled, remove unused)

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